Have Your Cheesecake And Eat It Too

Cheesecake is a personal weakness of mine. I went so far as to purchase an expensive spring form pan JUST to try my hand at making the homemade style cheesecake for my husbands birthday (any excuse, right?) Well, I happen to like the instant from-a-box variety better. No matter the form or flavor, one thing is for sure: it's not on ANY of the diets I've tried. It's not really very good for you. It's not even cheese--so I can't really afford it a place in the "dairy" group.

Then I tried Fiber One Cheesecake Bars. Yeah - they actually taste like my scrumptious cheesecake! For real! I prefer Salted Caramel and my husband likes the Strawberry variety. I love that taste but I also feel good knowing that instead of wolfing down a slice of the sinful dessert, I get some sweet protein and fiber with the Fiber One Cheesecake bars! Win-win, that's what I call it!

It's helpful to me for packing my husbands' lunch (he always wants crazy requests met with pie, baked goods, and other (in my opinion) extravagant elements of his afternoon fare. Cheesecake bars seem like I've slaved away making a delicious lunch, when really I just toss 'em in the lunchbox. No baking. No fussing. More time to unabashedly watch all sorts of Primetime TV shows that are starting up again! Who has time for packing intricate lunches?! Not this mama!

The other neat thing (for me) is that the bars are only 150 calories! I've always wondered why they coined "fun size" for the little candy bars -- there nothing fun about them. And, two of them have about 150 calories BUT don't do anything to fill me up. With my cheesecake bars, I get 4g of fiber that help to keep me full and totally satisfy my sweet tooth too.

Next time you're in the granola bar and fruit snacks aisle, make sure to head for the Fiber One section. That's where I'll be!

Disclosure: I totally received complimentary boxes of both flavors of the Cheesecake Bars to try out. I DID share them with the rest of the family, BUT they disappeared fast. All opinions are my own.


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