Ruh-roh Raggy! Halloween Coolsville Style! [review]

First there was Caillou. Then it was Paw Patrol. We STILL have a Dragons obsession. But now, the new thing in this house is Scooby Doo. Of course, I grew up with Scooby. I think it was the version that had the theme song "hang around for Scooby Doo" -- and now we listen to Blink 182 jamming out "What's New, Scooby Doo?" And, though Casey Casem was a classic, I'm diggin' Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers.

I bet you didn't know I had so much useless info right? Oh yes. I have the skinny on Scooby.

Scooby is also an incredibly economical option when it comes to Halloween! For right around twenty dollars your child can become the dog in the blue collar! I love this option from Wholesale Halloween Costumes--it's clearly the classic Scooby look but at a super affordable price (make sure you click here to check it out on Facebook too [but do so when the little ones aren't nearby -- currently the rage is creepy clowns and it's enough to scare the squeaky nose off your face!] Let's face it, the costume is cheaper than the gas getting us from Boo Boulevard to the Not-So-Haunted House and back to Grandma's for hot cocoa!


- fits over light layers and seems to be no problem for the carseat! (this can vary by what your child wears underneath and what kind of seat arrangement you have, always check and customize to your needs!)

- Isn't a "look alike" of Scooby. It isn't an anime version or something that looks homemade. It's an authentic Scooby costume and no one will be guessing what your child is dressed as!

- Totally classic character. Even the 70 year old ladies will know who is Trick-or-Treating.

- Really easy to turn into a group costume! Scooby is the hard part and you've got that taken care of! Throw on a green shirt, find some bell-bottoms at a used-a-bit shop, and you have shaggy! Velma needs an orange turtleneck and a red skirt--pair that with a brown bob wig and voila! You could get REALLY creative and turn a van into the Mystery Machine too!

- Sizes are true to the regular fit of that clothing size, erring on the side of running smaller. My son is a solid 5T and the 4-6 fit him with a little bit of wiggle room for some clothes underneath to keep warm.


- Cheaper material, but what do you expect for slightly over twenty bucks!? If your child acts crazy or does gymnastics in costume, it might rip. Otherwise, you'll be safe for a few school outings and "the big night."

- The head is a Velcro-under-the-chin hat and it's hard to keep it from flipping up a lot, making it hard to "show" Scooby's face while doing anything but standing still. We remedied this by putting a clothespin on the inside to weigh it down. It would probably happen with a lot of costumes with a headpiece and was pretty trivial.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Scooby Doo costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.


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