SmartiPants One-Size Cloth Diaper [Review]

Smartipants are fantastic. That about sums it up. End of review.

Just kidding! (About the end, anyway!) They are fantastic though.

We tried a one-size cloth diaper just in time for the 4th of July (to celebrate the fact that Smartipants are made in the USA!) And, because I've been absolutely zombie-brained for about nine months (coincidence???) I forgot to hit "publish!" So, only two months too late, you are getting this update on Smartipants, my support of all things USA-crafted, and, well, a great idea for a cloth diaper to gift to a new mama, a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time mama, or just a friend that is hopefully waiting for that first babe to diaper. It's never a bad time to buy a Smartipants diaper!


I really appreciate the simplicity of the diaper. The pull-through sleeve style pocket is a favorite of mine. There is just enough room to hold the green-trimmed microfiber insert in place but not enough to let it shift and bunch up. (It saves me so much time in laundry to have unique inserts to pair with diapers! That trim is fantastic -- BUT if all companies did this, it would be tough again... So, I know my Smartipants, and that rocks. I also appreciate when diapering companies attach a label to their inserts if they aren't going to distinguish in some way like Smartipants does.

The inner fleece (there are a few different kinds of fleece and some are superior to others) is the kind I like. It feels different than a fleece top or blanket -- it's a suedecloth that rocks. It pretty much lets the poo just roll off into the toilet.

The diaper isn't "bunchy" with tight leg elastics -- it lies flat on the floor for easy stuffing and easy-on the baby too! This is a main reason that I love this particular diaper. It's also not a diaper that has "wet spots" along the leg elastic area. Some brands, no matter how you prep or strip or what detergent is used, in my experience ALWAYS have a little leakage around the legs. Smartipants do not!

Fairly economical, one single diaper costs about $14.95. Not the cheapest on the market, BUT again, in my opinion if you can afford the up-front cost of spending the extra $6-$7 to avoid the "Chinese cheapies" it's well worth it in the long run.


It's not an overnight diaper. I haven't tried a doubler--I just make these my "daytime" diapers. They do a great job for many hours, BUT I wouldn't do any synthetic overnight--I reserve that for wool.

There is a greater start-up cost to this brand BUT not as much as other popular mainstream brands AND they are far superior to the cheaper outsourced varieties available.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary diaper to write about. All opinions are my own.


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