Raising Children, Strong AND Kind by Korie Robertson [review] #StrongAndKind

We've been struggling (or at least I have) lately with how I'm [we're] doing raising our oldest son. 

In the religious realm, we think the particular preschool we have him enrolled in may be differently aligned with how we might teach a four-year-old about God and the Bible. [Let's just say I think the subject matter is less focused on love and more focused on sin. Not that it's wrong--to each their own, it's just not how I envisioned the private Christian school education

He is being bullied a bit, which is a total surprise to us since he's so outgoing, assertive, and at times even rude and mean in his actions at home or near family.  

I'm struggling with being able to love who he is and not raise him as I think he should be. I keep hoping he'll play sports, putting him in tee ball and hockey and even gymnastics and cringing as he takes interest in his dad's bolo ties. I know. It makes me a TERRIBLE mom, but I just remember the "types" of kids that were picked on when I was in school, and though things have changed, they probably haven't THAT much. This is coming from a loving place, I mean well... BUT... I need to keep praying for the grace and patience and strength to let him discover who he is. 

With all of that guilt and confusion, it was nice to take a break and focus on how to make this parenting thing more positive again. Starting now. 

Working through the book, Strong and Kind, by Korie Robertson along with the workbook, I was able to come to the conclusion that we would like for our son to be Strong and Kind as well. (I know, not very original...but those two traits would perfectly solve some of the issues that we're dealing with.) I'd like him to be kind, because the world needs more kindness. I would love for him to be loving too, but to love, you must be kind I think, so maybe that's a "fringe" trait for free! 

Strength is major. I'm weak. I would love for my sons to both be strong in character, in spirit, and even in body. So, while there are an incredible amount of traits that could be the goal for parenting adventures, I chose to align with the Robertson's! I also must admit that I'm only 3/4 done with the book, due to you know...parenting...so I may have to update this when I'm completely finished. For now though, I like working on these two traits.

It was a joy to read the book and super funny---since I'd seen Duck Dynasty, I was totally reading the book (in my head) in Korie's  southern voice with a little sass in the appropriate places. I also read Willie's bit in his voice, just as he introduces and closes the show. 

This is a fun read, a relatively quick read (if you have children that allow you to do so), and one that is positive and light-hearted with a solid, Godly theme woven in. I recommend it to parents far and wide. And for fans of Duck Dynasty, it's a must if you have kids.

What TWO traits do you want to raise your children to have and embody? 

You can find Korie and her book if you use that link or of course on social media -- on Twitter as @BossHogsWife and on Facebook, too.

I recieved a complimentary book and workbook as a Flyby blogger. All opinions are my own. 


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