Yummy Mitt by Darlyng & Co. [review]

Photo Courtesy of Yummy Mitt
Everyone dreads the teething stage that our children (and everyone) must endure. It's a rite of passage, true, but just because everyone has to go through it, doesn't mean that we should have to suffer through it! Many generations of moms and caregivers have tried everything from Whiskey -- not recommended, though I've never tried it...to over the counter baby aisle cures and remedies to an array of soothers and chewies.

Well, we figured we'd tried it all--until we were approached by Darlyng and Co. to try out the Yummy Mitt. It was something I'd never heard of and being like George, always curious, I of course said yes!


Love the colors.

My baby actually liked it...unlike some teethers that strangely just attract cat hair in the basket of toys in the corner!

I adore the "Less crabby, more happy!" slogun and crab cartoon. I'm a sucker for crabs!

Easy-to-use, easy to put on.

Takes to water/washing well. Doubles as a bath toy! My kiddo loved chewing/sucking on it in the tub.

Made with materials that are food grade.

Photo Courtesy of Yummy Mitt

Becomes "too small" before teething is over. I had ginormous babies and so they have big paws at a young age. Think - boxer pup - so, the mitt fit from about five months to around nine months. The first teeth popped at seven months, so it served him well for the worst of it!

Cost - Though it's neat, I personally could get by without it for the $20 sticker price -- the mitt is well-made and seems to be pretty good quality, however, I tend to be of the "less is more" school of thought, and would likely just give my son a cool, wet washcloth to chew on. That said, since it's more of a "splurge" item, it would make a FANTASTIC shower gift!

Bottomline? When you're child is in pain, and you're going out of your mind, thinking that your ear drums might actually be on strike after months of wailing and your heart is hurting for the little one...you'll be willing to try whatever it takes. Usually, time is the only sure-fire cure, BUT in the until then, I know we have tried it all! Except whiskey. :)

Disclosure: I was afforded a complimentary mitt to try out with my baby. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks great and I will have to remember it for when my daughter is teething.