Because Everyday is Like I'm at the Spa

Few things can transport me to another place when children are hanging on my ankles, screaming, singing renditions of several songs mashed up into a strange new cover, and general chaos is afoot. One of those things is coffee. Another is chocolate. Big surprise there, right? Of course a good beer or a back rub doesn't hurt either. But for the early morning escape -- you know long before it's considered appropriate to have a glass or wine or copious amounts of chocolate...

What I reach for to go along with my coffee is my Cariloha bamboo bathrobe. Touted as the softest robe in the world, I think they may be correct on this one! At the current time, Cariloha appears to be all out of the robes -- so I'm sorry to have held that carrot in front of your face only to devour it selfishly. Keep your eye on the site though -- if and when they make a comeback, they are better than a Four Seasons robe. So plush and soft and the pockets have PERFECT placement -- not at all wonky or too far to the side or under the other flap of the robe. Totally accessible. Perfect for a cell phone or baby monitor!

What I CAN tell you though is the sports bras and underwear that are new to the Cariloha Bamboo Fit line are out-of-this-world cozy as well! And, they fit into a stocking much nicer than a big ol' robe does anyway, right?! I love the sustainable material and all that the company stands for. Bamboo is a great renewable resource and more places should be taking advantage of it. The best part is that the material is fantastic for workouts and next-to-skin layers. The new sports bras, retailing for around $34.00, are essential to a comfortable workout. I pretty much live in sports bras and nursing tank tops, so comfort is key in my life! They are reversible and come in the usual sizes (S-XL.) The fibers, being bamboo, are naturally odor-resistant. You won't find that with cotton!

My husband will be finding some cozy bamboo goodness in his stocking this year (though at times I'd love to fill it chock full of coal!) Cariloha is sustainable and equal-opportunity - there are options for men and children as well as women! Boxer briefs are $22.00 and are sleek and soft. No tag waistbands along with breathable fabric and the comfort of bamboo will be a favorite to receive under the tree!

Cariloha knows that saving this season is an important factor in consumer shopping -- that's why you need to pay close attention to the Weekly Deals section of their site! You'll save big during their Christmas promotions -- kids too! There is truly something for everyone. The earth will thank you for your sustainable purchase!

Disclosure: I received complimentary merchandise for this unbiased article. 

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