Her Interactive - Nancy Drew Fans Unite!

I have a little bit of escape every night -- chocolate. Then after chocolate, once the kids are in bed, I generally scan Facebook and watch an episode of Big Bang Theory or some other mindless TV watching for just a bit. THEN comes the true treat: a little gaming!

Those children that grew up with Nancy Drew (likely now parents and 30 somethings) will love the games that Her Interactive has to offer. Currently, I'm working my way through number 32--Sea of Darkness!

How it Stacks Up

The newest game is packed with all of the high quality graphics and intriguing characters that is expected from the Nancy Drew games -- each game I encounter (I initially fell in LOVE with The White Wolf of Icicle Creek) gets better and better. I often get aggravated by some of the "speed challenges" -- there was one in White Wolf, Shadow Ranch, and also Shattered Medallion. There may be one in every game actually, but those really stand out. However, those speed games give me such satisfaction to actually solve! 

The other nice thing about these games? Just as I remember the "cheats" for early PlayStation games growing up, these games have hints and 
spoilers and an entire community of fans and users on the Her Interactive site. Moderated boards help players navigate those extra challenging moments--this is something I adore. Since I don't get to steal away for very many minutes in the day, sometimes I just want to get through a challenge to keep sleuthing along. 

I'm Becoming an Old Salt...

In Sea of Darkness, the gamer is taken along for a mystery ride that promises stormy waters and long-lost treasure, along with the usual band of shifty and shady characters our girl must sort out along the way. Retailing for $19.99 for a copy of the game (physical, download, MAC and Windows!) users will get hours of entertainment and I firmly believe some much-needed mental de-cobwebbing with this game. 

Just in time for the holidays, the game and some of the fun Nancy Drew merchandise make great stocking stuffers! I would be elated if my husband took my heavy-handed hints and surprised me with some of the games that I have not yet conquered!

 For now though, I sit back and either stay up late and have hot cocoa OR get up early on some very energetic mornings and sip my coffee with a little encouragement drawn from my White Wolf ceramic mug from the Her Interactive merchandise line! (All the games have images available for adorning your own mug!)

Dare to Play!

Disclosure: I was provided complimentary merchandise to facilitate this unbiased article.


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