One Question to Ask Your Child Tonight [and How it Changed My Parenting]

My son at four just doesn't quite "get" this question. He says things like "about when you give me treats." Or "about my animals." So this topic took me days and re-wording and leading thoughts to get answers from him. I think it's adorable that he prefaces everything with "about."

The first time I asked I got the above answers. Instead of days, I let this one stew for two months. Just as an experiment in growth and development. In two short months the answer changed to:

"Hmmm. By playing with me in my room."

I was excited that he's growing so smart. Developing well. Saddened that even before five years old, TIME...MY time was what he wanted and also what he must be missing, even as I type this. (For that very reason I'm keeping it short!)

I think that a LOT of children will have a similar answer, relating to time with their parents. So for THAT reason too, this will be short.

Take the time today. (And the last reason I'll keep it short is that it's my youngest son's birthday!!)

Make your children FEEL loved. When you next ask them "How can I help you feel loved?" They might just tell you over your morning coffee and yogurt that they DO feel loved. Keep doing what you're doing mom... That's my perfect scenario anyway!

So we're off to the kitchen table, to put sprinkles on our Oh My Yog! and devour a birthday treat this morning. I'm giving him (and his big brother) my TIME today. Undivided and unconditionally.

Disclosure: This post was made possible by Stonyfield Organics.


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