Shutterfly and Stonyfield: Making Memories

When my first child was born, I was so organized. I didn't feel like I had any "spare" time, but oh how wrong I was! Having two children is a game changer. Our friends that have three say "that third one you never recover from!" I also have a friend with five kids and she seems like the most "together" person in the world. The conclusion I came to is this: enjoy the moments, do your best, this is YOUR journey.

Since my youngest is approaching a year, I should be doing whatever it is one does with fondant to make a brilliant cake. I should be making said cake from scratch. My house should be spotless for the company that will be coming over. I should have the perfect gifts. Maybe a little DVD put together of favorite pictures of his first year.

Well, I don't have any of that going on. I have a semi-clean, well-diapered, fed and happy baby. And a disgruntled preschooler who wasn't able to go to The Good Dinosaur because of the weather tonight. So what did I do to get a grip on our crazy life in that moment?

I sat the baby in the high chair. The big boy at the table. I gave them both a yogurt and I went to work making the first birthday invitations. Granted, they won't arrive until a few days before the party -- so they are almost entirely superficial. I have already invited people by word of mouth. BUT, at least I'll have those adorable invites for posterity sake! Thanks to Shutterfly, when I look back on this time and see that invite with my baby's beautiful blues pasted into the baby book, I won't remember the harried way life was. I'll just look at his gorgeous plump little cheeks and want all this chaos back.

I'm not going to keep comparing myself to my FORMER self or any other moms out there. This is my story, to write and record on my own, with my beautiful boys and a little help once in a while from Shutterfly and Stonyfield! Maybe I'll make a calendar next, to try and keep life sorted out in the New Year! (Or a more practical item for ME -- a customized blanket with my lovies faces on it to snuggle all the time!)

Disclosure: I received a yogurt coupons and a promotional code for $20 off from I was responsible for costs beyond the code and shipping.


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