What Goes Best With Granola?

Well, if you said chocolate, I'd have to give you credit. Chocolate goes with everything! But, we're not talking chocolate today. What we've been experimenting with in our family (again) is healthier eating with an emphasis on healthier snacking!

Since we have young kiddos, we're trying to nip our bad habits in the bud before our kids end up making the same mistakes we've made. My worst one is probably my constant unhealthy snacking. A handful of chips here, a few Oreos there...it doesn't sound too bad, but all day, everyday those bites and nibbles add up! My body likes frequent food intake, about every two hours, so snacks are an important part of not becoming hangry for me!

Yogurt has become my new best friend. And, I've discovered that it's best paired with granola. Especially some really tasty flavorful granola. I will be the first to admit, I don't always love Stonyfield Greek yogurt, health benefits or not. So if I can add something with a little fun flavor to my slightly bitter but oh-so-good-for-me yogurt snack, I can make it more palatable and add some key fiber, nutrients, and a zing of good taste-bud-pleasin' deliciousness. Lately, it's been Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Granola that's helped to usher in the wintry weather. Flax is so good for you -- but, I've tried it on it's own, and like the Greek yogurt, this picky eater is left longing for refined sugars and greasy chips.

The solution? Pair the flax with something tasty (in this case pumpkin) and the yogurt with something tasty (the granola) and I've got something I can work with! If you have picky eaters or if you are trying desperately, as I am, to reform, this is a superfood solution! Flax has Omega 3's -- if you're a mom, you can boost your brain power (assuming your kids haven't sucked it all out yet!)

Life is about compromise. Making trade-offs. Finding a better way of doing things. That's one thing I'm learning as I go. I can have my cake and eat it too, if the cake is yogurt and granola.

Disclosure: I wrote this article in a partnership with Stonyfield and Nature's Path. I received free and/or discounted products to facilitate my research. All opinions are my own. 


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