Raising Children, Strong AND Kind by Korie Robertson [review] #StrongAndKind

We've been struggling (or at least I have) lately with how I'm [we're] doing raising our oldest son. 

In the religious realm, we think the particular preschool we have him enrolled in may be differently aligned with how we might teach a four-year-old about God and the Bible. [Let's just say I think the subject matter is less focused on love and more focused on sin. Not that it's wrong--to each their own, it's just not how I envisioned the private Christian school education

He is being bullied a bit, which is a total surprise to us since he's so outgoing, assertive, and at times even rude and mean in his actions at home or near family.  

I'm struggling with being able to love who he is and not raise him as I think he should be. I keep hoping he'll play sports, putting him in tee ball and hockey and even gymnastics and cringing as he takes interest in his dad's bolo ties. I know. It makes me a TERRIBLE mom, but I just remember the "types" of kids that were picked on when I was in school, and though things have changed, they probably haven't THAT much. This is coming from a loving place, I mean well... BUT... I need to keep praying for the grace and patience and strength to let him discover who he is. 

With all of that guilt and confusion, it was nice to take a break and focus on how to make this parenting thing more positive again. Starting now. 

The Day My Mom Will Never Forget #SharingSafety

I want to share with you a story. My guardian angels have been busy with me for thirty years. This is just one instance that they were truly looking out for me. I write this to make you, dear readers, aware that October 18-24 is National Teen Driver Safety Week. So I'm sharing from my teenage years, the moment when the advice became REAL. Lets spread our tips and advice and #sharesafety this week to promote safer roads and everyone arriving alive.

I woke up a little foggy. Had I just dreamed about a stagnant-smelling swamp? About having wet hands? No. No, that was real. My hands were wet, slippery. My khaki uniform looked a little muddied--hadn't I just put it on? Clean? Pressed? The semi-darkness was real. The smell -- the swampy, musky water smell? Real. Sitting on the roof of the inside of my car while still tangled in my seat belt? Real. What a Monday I'm having, I thought.

Parenting Is Easy...You're Probably Just Doing It Wrong

In the span of ONE naptime, I increased my happy factor for the day by about a zillion points. In fact, I laughed so hard I cried. Both of my dear boys were snoozing away (after a little drive) and this book had come in the mail, so I decided to simply park in the driveway and enjoy my new book whilst naptime allowed me a few priceless moments of relative silence. It was heavenly.

We don't usually take the time to be silly. It's an easy thing to do but also an easy thing to forget about. Somehow, silliness goes away with adulthood most of the time. There are bills. Schedules. Less sleep. More work. More wrinkles. More mass. But in the world of more, there is just no time for laughter, being silly, and play. Until I checked the mail. I had one hour of silly today.

Yummy Mitt by Darlyng & Co. [review]

Photo Courtesy of Yummy Mitt
Everyone dreads the teething stage that our children (and everyone) must endure. It's a rite of passage, true, but just because everyone has to go through it, doesn't mean that we should have to suffer through it! Many generations of moms and caregivers have tried everything from Whiskey -- not recommended, though I've never tried it...to over the counter baby aisle cures and remedies to an array of soothers and chewies.

These Will Melt Your Heart - If You Can Stand The Opening Joke!

We've been learning Knock, Knock Jokes in our house lately. It's what you do when you have a four year old. So, we invented this one to greet my husband after his long day at work after our courier came and delivered us a fun little package.

Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting Cow. 

I know, I know...You KNOW this old chestnut! Humor me, though!

[Begrudgingly]...Interrupting Cow, who?

Moooooooo!!! Fruit Snacks!!! Cow Fruit Snacks!! Mooooooo!!


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