A Great Birthday With The Good Dinosaur Party Supplies

When I asked my son what he'd like to have for a theme this year for his birthday, I was betting he'd say Paw Patrol. I was hoping for it really--I'd almost already purchased all the decorations and party supplies a few months back, anticipating him and 987 other preschoolers to want the pups at his party. I'm glad I held off. He decided he wanted Arlo from The Good Dinosaur. We'd went to see the movie about a month ago -- of course there wouldn't be any party decor out yet! It was barely cleared from the local movie hall! What is a mom to do?!

Birthday In a Box

What a mom is to do is look to the internet, of course! Birthday In A Box was ready to rescue me with their trendy, fresh themes for full parties, all shipped in one box, just as the name implies! They not only had The Good Dinosaur in their birthday stash, they had ever little detail accounted for -- all I needed to do was send out invites and bake the cupcakes!

I was super excited to find a place with items in stock -- big box stores that are brick and mortar usually wait to flush out all the complimentary products right around the time the movie is released to own on Blu-ray and DVD. I couldn't wait that long, obviously!

You can find Birthday In A Box on Facebook, too!

Our birthday box contained:

(8) 9 oz. cups
(8) Lunch plates
(8) Dessert plates
(8) napkins
(8) napkins
(5) balloons
(1) ribbon
(2) crepe paper streamers
(1) dozen candles
(1) Happy Birthday Banner
(8) utensil sets
(1) standard sized rectangular tablecloth
(1) balloon weight
(1) package of The Good Dinosaur blow outs
(1) set of swirl decorations
(1) The Good Dinosaur Balloon Bouquet [1 giant Spot/Arlo shaped balloon, 2 circular Good Dinosaur character balloons, 1 red star, 1 blue star]

The Good

The images and colors were amazing. Just as good as the big screen! We really loved the giant Arlo and Spot balloon -- easily our sons' favorite item! 

We also enjoyed the banner -- we put it up in a hotel suite. It would have been a tad large for most peoples' homes - but it was fantastic! About two times the size of traditional Happy Birthday banners AND could be customized with the age of the birthday child.

It was so easy to open the box and have everything you need except the tape/scissors and the cupcakes! 

The quality of the products were very good - durable plates and cups, the banner was sturdy and stayed in place.

The Not-So-Great

I had to pay $5 + tax to get all five balloons inflated with helium at a local store. 

I would have liked double the number of cups and plates - and didn't need the crepe paper or candles.

I would really have liked treat bags and invitations in the mix as well -- to keep the theme fluid throughout. 

All-in-all, for the price (about $54.00) it was pretty good value. We couldn't find The Good Dinosaur in stores, so we'd have had to pick a different theme entirely if not for Birthday In A Box. I really loved the banner and I've not seen one like it ever! We could potentially use it again for another birthday! My son adores Arlo, so having the giant dino balloon float up above the kids bunks that night delighted him to no end! This is a great kit and so much easier than getting on Pinterest and trying to do it all yourself. This is the perfect place for people to go that do not want to reinvent the wheel, but do want to impress their little guests!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Birthday In a Box to utilize and write about. I was not told to express any specific view. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I love this because it contains everything . Sopping for themed parties i have found that alot of times they will be sold out of 1 or 2 of the items

  2. Omgosh yes helium is so expensive!! Its annoying!!

  3. Those are really cute--I have a feeling we will be doing a Paw Patrol birthday soon!