That Weight Loss Thing That Worked - And Why I'm Doing it Again!

It's sort of inevitable for me -- I lose weight and feel really good about my health and body image. Then....wait for it.... I find out I'm expecting. Yep, that's my routine. So, this giant cooler of delicious food showed up on my doorstep -- my husband has said we are DONE with our perfectly paired boys -- having just gotten done with the infant stage in one and the awful tantrum stage in the other... So I wonder...will history repeat itself?

Find out in May or June!!! :)

All kidding aside, last time I lost all the weight was with Nutrisystem.

I think I lost the weight because it was SO easy. Take out what sounded good, heat it (or not) and eat. Some meals were simple muffins, in the case of breakfast. Easy peasy.

My biggest problem with weight and food and exercise is that my INPUT is so much more than my output. I have a sweet tooth. I LOVE FOOD. It actually makes me happy to eat two slices of cheesecake. I drink about a quart of milk or more a day. I constantly nibble and graze my way to way over 2,000 calories a day. It used to be okay to eat 4,500 calories in a day OR MORE when I was out fighting fire and being uber active. Being a mom -- though I'm always moving -- I'm not drenched in sweat from lugging a preschooler sized pack up and down mountains. It's just not balanced. So, if I'm not going to dust off the fire boots then I need to look at my portions and intake. Nutrisystem is a great way to LEARN (relearn) what "normal" portions are.

High protein, high fiber is my friend. The only downside is that I loathe vegetables. I'm a fruit bat through and through, but all of those fruits though they pack a punch of vitamins and minerals and are natural sugars, are also high in calories. So I gag down unlimited greens and all of the bitter-tasting veggies I can stand. Yuck! I am determined to train myself to at least tolerate more vegetables.

Since this worked so well last time -- over 20 lbs. in just three months -- I am taking the plunge again. My husband brought home an entire package of Oreos tonight. I swear he wants to watch me squirm! I kindly threw them into the back of his pickup. Can't have that delicious temptation around -- I've been known to eat 4-6 in a sitting with milk. Ugh! Slow progress!

What has worked for you in the fitness and weight loss department? 

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  1. Your comment about bringing home oreo's made me laugh and think of my grandparents. My Grandma was so much like you and loved her sweets as well. She would be up all night long having something sweet. Whenever she went on a diet, my grandfather did as your husband did and brought home cakes, etc. In her case though, she would eat them, not remove

  2. I've heard a lot about Nutrisystem but never tried it myself. The best thing I ever did was... running! I watched what I ate, but I made sure to exercise. I wish I hadn't gotten out of the habit of it.

  3. I love easy!! Why is it that making healthy meals is so hard!!?? Should be the other way around!