What I Found at Walmart - A Step in the Right Direction!

Recently I was bummed that in order to satisfy the needs (and cravings) of my entire family, I needed to go to EVERY one of the four grocery/big box stores in town just to make it happen. Now I'm not saying that everytime someone wants XYZ brand of potato chips or even toilet paper that I will oblige and go out of my way to get it. But, somethings are non-negotiable. On a recent trip to Walmart, I was happily surprised by the selection I found of one of my favorite brands -- one that the WHOLE family loves!

At first Target was the only place I could find Stonyfield Organic yogurt products. And they ONLY had the Kids Squeezers. And only in one flavor, at $3.99 per package - NEVER on sale. It was not ideal. Then a local grocer started to carry the 32 oz. tubs (in TWO flavors - plain and French Vanilla) and that felt like a revolution! Since I often use the plain variety in recipes to make everything just a little healthier, it wasn't a real bummer that there weren't other options - I was just happy to see the large tubs in a local store!

I still had to go to BOTH stores in order to get yogurt for my sons and my husband and worst of all, I couldn't find anywhere that I could get the delicious "Fruit on the Bottom" or Oh My Yog! individual
cups in many flavors.

Then I went to Walmart. It was a day that had me wandering, thoughtfully looking at what seemed like every product on every shelf while my baby slept contentedly. Since I wasn't about to wake my napping child, even if it WAS a Walmart nap, I just walked around, taking advantage of the relative Now I could finally get the organic goods I needed in ONE place! (At least for my kids and hubby!) I still will have to venture out of town for my own needs! Thankfully, there is a lovely Co-Op just 90 minutes away that I love to explore a few times each month.

calm in the store (unusual) and the warm place to walk as it is the dead of winter here. As I walked down the cooler section, I happened to need Stonyfield Kids Squeezers, so I went to the slim pickin's organic section. I was blown away! Not only were the Squeezers there, but so were the large tubs and even the small cups of Yo! Baby! The large tubs came in three varieties -- still not amazing, but an improvement for sure!

Though I tend to try to support smaller, more locally owned businesses to the big-box alternatives, I do commend Walmart for taking the initiative to offer more organic options for consumers! Especially when those options include more of our favorites from Stonyfield Organic!

Have you checked out YOUR local store shelves? Grocers? Walmart? How do selections compare?

Disclosure: I am a YoGetter. I was able to write this post as a result of this partnership. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of Stonyfield or affiliated businesses mentioned. 


  1. Ha! II too am on the search for the Stonyfield all the time. Target (NEVER on sale, NEVER!) The problem is taht while Walmart may have it, it is often sold out!

  2. That is so awesome! I just finished eating some Stonyfield yogurt- it's the best. And, my kids love squeezers! They can be a bit pricy though. I was going to try to make my own yogurt at home and then make wax paper tubes to put it in for the kids. I also want to make kefir and cheese. Mother Earth News has directions on their web page on how to make these things. I am determined to give it a whirl this month!

  3. We love the stony field organics especially the toddler yogurt . We always get it at target I did not Know that walmart carried it

  4. Yes yes yes!!! I love seeing organic products at Walmart!! Their prices are always amazing and I would shop there way more often!

  5. I get a lot of my groceries at Aldi--but they are now expanding their organic section!

  6. Yay! That is great that they're carrying healthier alternatives. We find Stonyfield at our Von's (a Safeway store) and they usually have most that our family needs. I do like to go to farm stands in season and to our local smaller organic store about once a month.

  7. I will go to several stores if I absolutely need to, and I am certainly happy to do that to save $$, but there is also some merit to only making one stop, especially when I don't feel well.