GrubMarket - Fresh, Convenient, Delivered! [review]

It's hard to get fresh produce in the northern climes in the dead of winter. Harder still? Getting fresh organic produce in the dead of winter in the Midwest. Delivered. Yeah. I've found it!

GrubMarket is an easy-to-use online marketplace for fresh quality food with affordable prices.  Their mission is to conveniently make fresh & healthy food accessible to everyone.  

GrubMarket is a home delivery service that offers organic produce shipped directly to your doorstep! They also deliver everything from soap to coffee and pretty much all that falls between!

The Box

My box was the regular-sized California Bounty Box. Since it's winter, the box contained a delightful mix of mostly organic, California-grown citrus fruits - a pummelo, a pineapple, a pomegranate, a tangelo, some blood oranges, tangerines, an orange and a pear along with a few apples. If it were summer, you could expect peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, etc. from this same box.

The Skinny

It was SO exciting to get this delivery. MANY of the produce box suppliers around the country simply do not ship to my region, so simply being included is HUGE!! Thanks, GrubMarket! That's the first major plus!

Second, most of the fruit rocked. I love that it was all sourced in the US and organic. I live in the northern climes of the US, so right now we're into temperatures well below freezing on a regular basis. Since I didn't receive any sort of shipping confirmation (which could be a different experience if you go through the traditional order process) I did not know when to expect the package. We were away from our home for roughly 1-2 hours the day of the delivery and it was around 10 degrees outside. I do not know if this had an affect on the quality of the fruit, the aging process, or the degree of freshness. The fruit was cold to the touch (like being in a refrigerator for an our or more) when I unpacked it. So if customers get a shipping notice, great. If not, that is one area where a teeny improvement could mean the difference between a fully satisfied customer and one that is just happy!

As I unpackaged the box I was really excited to see that there was no styrofoam, plastic, or other icky, wasteful packaging. The tissue and brown paper packaging were more sustainable than almost any other company I've ever worked with. Huge points there. Each fruit had an individual wrap and was suspended in the box by the accordian-folded brown paper strips. I only had one bruised apple -- which is rather typical of organics anyway, to see imperfections -- the apple was still firm and crisp elsewhere. 

We loved the selection -- about seven to nine different varieties in all. Though if I were purchasing fruit I wouldn't have ever tried Bosc pears, my son loved them and I was happy to try something completely new! The pears have a drier flesh than our usual Bartletts, so it was a fun taste-test! Pummelos were new for us as well and I discovered I like them more than grapefruits. 

Our only problems were with the pomegranate and the pineapple, both of which did have some mold and mushy flesh only one day after delivery. I DO think that this may have had to do with the freezing temperatures affecting fruit quality, since the pineapple looked under-ripe in color and firmness -- there should have been no reason for all-over mold. So, I'd love to give GrubMarket another go, we had a mostly good experience and I give absolute benefit of the doubt with delivery in our temperatures affecting the two fruits that were not superb. All else was delicious, juicy, fantastic quality fruit. In a nutshell (which you can also order nuts...) we loved this fun, fruity box and would recommend the marketplace delivery to anyone! Perhaps especially those folks in northerly regions since we cannot touch fresh citrus this time of year! A pick-me-up that is as exciting as Punxsutawney Phil NOT seeing his shadow!

All of my readers can receive 20% off their first order by using code GRUB20 and free shipping on orders over $59. 

Disclosure: As part of my partnership with FlyBy Promotions I received a complimentary delivery from GrubMarket. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Yummo!! Love that they deliver amazing and delicious fruit right to your doorstep!! My son is obsessed with deliveries and Id love to see him excited for something healthy lol!!

  2. That's a shame that not all of the fruit was good...I can't wait until spring when the farmer's markets open up.

  3. What a great service. I feel so lucky to live in Southern California where we have access to organic, local fruit year round. Bosc pears are so good! We love them! I love that their packaging was so sustainable!