Put a Ring On It

I haven't worn my wedding ring in so long that I sometimes forget about the brilliantly gleaming diamonds waiting in my safe deposit box. You see, I had to take it off for each pregnancy, with the thought that I'd just slip it back on after delivery. Not so.

It's been almost two years since I last had my ring on. Even then, it was really tight, but at least I had that emblem of my marriage on, sausage fingers or not. I miss my ring. I feel self-conscious as I push my two kids down the grocery aisles with my bare hands. (Not that I judge divorcees or single parents or those who choose to never marry) I just feel judged when I don't have my ring on. Part of this is my undying trait of caring way too much what anyone else thinks. It's a habit that I hope will die before I do. 

So now, wavering between 13-15 lbs. down (I do weigh myself everyday--it keeps me on track!) I feel like it might be time to dust off my security box key, reach inside, under the passports and loan documents and birth certificates, and find the little manila envelope with my jeweler's stamp on the outside. It might finally be time to slip my ring back on, and since we have no plans for more kids, it might be the FINAL time that I ever have to do this!!! I'm so excited!

Six weeks. That's how long it's taken me to lose about 15 lbs. Without Nutrisystem, that kind of weight loss would take me a year. And even then, it was always a two steps forward, three steps back kind of journey. I'm sure you've seen that internet meme that talks about having a kale smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and then basically an anything-in-sight binge for supper!? That was very close to my backstory--except I'd never eat kale!!!

This will be a non-scale moment of epic proportions for me! Putting my ring back on will now be my gauge -- when and if it gets a little snug in the future, I'll know I need to get back on track.

Do you have small, off-scale triumphs? Have you ever had to store your ring while you workout and eat better, and wait patiently?

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  1. My wedding ring was just the plain band and it actually wore out LOL...I got a new one and then my job (I've been there 12 yrs now) wouldn't allow me to wear it (food manufacturing) so now it doesn't fit and I can't remember to put it on for the two days (I rarely go to the city ..) I suggested maybe to just tattoo one on lol

  2. As hard as it is for a married woman to lose post pregnancy weight, it gets worse when that precious wedding ring or anything in the wardrobe wouldn’t fit anymore. People might ask why she is not wearing the ring, but I think it’s okay for her to keep it as it acts as motivation to get back in shape.