The Leaf, Weight Loss, and Progress

"Many leaves, one tree!" My little son used to wildly shout this out as he brandished his little toy sword. It's a line from what used to be his favorite movie, Epic. Well, it's got me thinking a lot during my Nutrisystem journey! And though it's a little silly, it's pretty true!

The Leaf

Nutrisystem has a BUNCH of resources. The reason I like the quote from Ronin about the many leaves "working together" essentially as one tree is that is sort of how my Nutrisystem journey has progressed. Nutrisystem gives me a pile of information, the NuMi app, counselor support, easy-to-follow food plan, and more. I simply use those tidbits that help me to achieve my goal of becoming a new, healthier being!

The Leaf features tips, success stories, recipes and all sorts of content -- I've only just begun to discover all of the information there. I don't have a smart device, so I haven't used NuMi, but it seems pretty streamlined for keeping track of your journey if you're a phone junkie!

My favorite day is delivery day. As I notice I've only a few meals on the shelves, I know that FedEx will soon be here! After a month of trying lots of varieties, I've found a handful of favorites that make up a lot of my diet now. I adore almost every breakfast! It's SUCH a breeze to grab a breakfast meal that pouring cereal now seems like a chore! With Uniquely Yours, you get to order what you want to eat. All month! Plus, you get a spin at "real world" lifestyle, cooking one dinner meal each week for yourself.


I've hit the ten pounds milestone and this week I've hit a small plateau. It's not a mysterious thing though. I attribute my standstill to TWO things: cookie dough and lack of workouts.

My truth is I have no control over temptation. I'm working on that. It's a reason Nutrisystem is GREAT for me. I simply do not buy foods that I cannot moderate my consumption. That means no chips, no cookies, no cakes... I will clear half of a pan of brownies in under 20 minutes just by going back through the kitchen for "one more taste" -- pretty soon, they're gone and I'm left feeling guilty. Or, when it got really bad, not feeling guilty at all, just wishing there were more brownies to eat. I
NEVER want to end up on a show like "My 600 lb. Life" -- it seems absurd to think ANYONE could get there. But you know what else seems absurd? How did fit, firefighting 130 lb. me get to be 200 lbs. without really noticing??? It happens.

The other thing that simply MELTS weight off is pairing as little as 25 minutes a day of exercise with eating Nutrisystem! The days that I work out, I lose. If I cheat (we all do!) AND miss a workout? That equals a standstill or on really awful days, a small gain. Now you shouldn't be a slave to your scale, but my scale is my best friend. I weigh myself daily because I like to SEE the downward trend. It also helps me to gauge what works and what does in the realm of both meal planning and exercise. It gives me a glimpse into the accountability and helps me plan for living "off of Nutrisystem" and maintenance. So, if it works for YOU, I say why not? Let the scale be a tool.

No more cookie dough. No more missed workouts. Back on track for month TWO of my Nutrisystem journey!! I need ten more pounds to leave my life forever and I'm going to do it!

Nutrisystem is on Facebook too -- go see what's new!

Disclosure: As a #NSNation blogger, I receive complimentary products. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Mmm cookie dough!! One of my weaknesses too!! That and just chocolate in general lol!! You can get over the plateau!!! :)

  2. I'm a snacker too...I'm really interested to hear more about how Nutrisystem works out for you.

  3. It is so hard for me to resist sweets. Really. My husband jokes that I'm addicted to sugar- but I think he's right. The motivation to exercise is a catch 22 for me, too. When I start working out I really enjoy it and I can stick to a schedule pretty well- it's before I start that's so difficult. As a stay at home mom the last thing I want to do after my daughter goes to bed is to get a workout in. Good work hitting 10 lbs gone! It's really something to be proud of!