How I Got Back to My Wedding Weight After Two Kids

Holy cow! TWO months? That time flew. I know we were facing down much more frigid temperatures and the thought of exercising outside was laughable. (Some folks run in subzero weather but not this kid.) Two months ago, I started my second journey with Nutrisystem. Two kids, two successful adventures with Nutrisystem.

Today I am within spitting distance of my WEDDING weight!!! I've lost exactly 20 pounds in two months. I have one month to go and not by pure coincidence, one month until DISNEY (and the beach!) What I've noticed now that I'm about eight pounds heavier than I was when I said "I Do" five years ago is this: the scale says the same thing, BUT five years, two kids, a sedentary job and a totally different life have led to a different body labeled with those same numbers.

But the numbers do not matter. Sure, my hips are wider: I have two adorable, wild boys in exchange for that. I have what my son so flatteringly calls a "big belly." No matter how much I run, it's never going to be flat. I'm okay with that. I have less muscle than I did when I was fresh off of an exercise program for firefighting that had me running several miles a day, at least five days a week. I've changed. Inside and out.

What matters to me? I'm healthier than I was two months ago. It's easier to move. My mood is lighter, as am I. I'm two clothing sizes down -- outward appearance is certainly a pleasant side-effect of losing weight, but what I really love about this new me is that I've gotten some of my life back! I can run and play with my kids without dreading it. I am not as tired. In about 60 days, taking each day one at a time, I've been able to carve out a better existence. Nutrisystem made the change easy (at least the food part.)

What works for me is a slow progression into exercise again. The first week on the program I was able to lose weight with little exercise changes. After that, I was motivated to keep the scale descending. Exercise became a fun experiment. Weighing myself kept me on track. Progress. Slow and steady REALLY DOES win the race!

Now, with spring around the corner, I've signed up for a few 5K races. This will keep me accountable when my third and last month of Nutrisystem has come and gone. I'm loving life again.

Are you ready for a change? This road is not an easy one to travel, friends, but it's not that hard either! I never thought I'd see the numbers I did today on my scale -- but I never thought I'd see 200 on that little digital reader either! Change is possible!


  1. I'm am 40 pounds heavier, and 1.5 inches shorter then when I got married 25years ago - I'd not recommend running in snow or on the roads myself, esp when its so cold out you think your lungs are going to freeze with every breathe you take

  2. Maybe I should try Nutrisystem. It seems like nothing else is really working for me right now. I am going to start jogging in the mornings to help my metabolism.