Illumibowl...So YOU Won't Go Bump in the Night! [review]

I'm finally at the age where occasionally, I actually need to get up in the middle of the night to use the loo. I'm not so old that I've forgotten the five million midnight pee trips during both of my pregnancies. Everyone knows the wrath of bright white light (or the pain of stubbing errant toes on door jambs) when you flick the switch. Until now.

Illuminate Your Bedtime Breaks

You may remember Illumibowl from Kickstarter, where it was funded about two years ago. Or, in more recent history, you may recognize the product as one that is backed by Kevin O'Leary of ABC's Shark Tank. The product is sold in Bed Bath and Beyond stores all over the country today.

Illumibowl isn't something I would have immediately swooned over. It's not an item I'd see on an end cap at a store and toss into the cart. It seemed frivolous ... until I tried it. I can immediately see why it would do well on Shark Tank -- where the sharks get to see a product in action, hold it, try it out. You
absolutely have to do that to give Illumibowl a chance to shine. And shine it does.

First off, the kids LOVE it. My preschooler thinks it rocks that the toilet lights up and my toddler was smitten with everything about the toilet to begin with (the flusher, the water, the angry response mom gives when you put things into it...) so add lights and he's basically at Disney each time he goes in dunny now!

Illumibowl Basics

The device is super duper easy to operate. Throw in three AAA batteries and push a button. Boom! You're lighting up your loo! You can set the Illumibowl to slowly progress through nine colors or you can pick one and keep it there.

Since we have a bathroom adjoining our master bedroom (which is generally home to at least three of our family of four on any given night) we like to have the bit of ambient light when we venture out of bed, trying not to wake the children in the process. I generally strap my incredibly bright headlamp to my head and muddle through. If my husband whispers something to me, he's struck with the blinding light, cursing my penchant for new, powerful batteries!

You could get creative and use the "fun lights" as incentive to kick that night time bed-wetting or to entice children to potty train.

Knowing that I might need to fiddle with the Illumibowl has led to a vast leap in my bathroom cleaning routine! Normally I cleaned in there quite regularly, but these days that toilet is ALWAYS sparkling. I see this as a total fringe benefit!

It's just plain fun. This is one of those items that brings me a small bit of joy each time I walk by and see the pretty lights of my toilet. It's a simple joy but it's real!

Motion activated, the world's first toilet night light.

It's a universal fit, so any toilet should theoretically work!

I haven't had to use the satisfaction guarantee -- but from faulty suction cups to any other issue one can think of that might surface with Illumibowl -- it seems like it's covered. Even though the product retails for only $14.99, it's nice to know that 100% of the time, you're going to be met with the guarantee.

Illumibowl Limitations

The AAA batteries are drained rather quickly unless we close our washroom door. The sensor is pretty darn sensitive and goes off from our walking through the adjacent hallway (which is about
three feet away.) We've set it to face different areas, but have yet to find "the sweet spot."

The luminescent part of the device does have to get dangerously close to the "business" area of the bowl. You can absolutely clean it and rinse it and keep it sparkling clean - but setting and resetting something that has dangled near the toilet is hard for me. I am the kook that always must have the lid closed to flush and uses a tissue to open public restroom doors... So it's been a hurdle for me to handle Illumibowl -- but I like the colors so much that I've conquered the germaphobe factor.

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  1. Love the lighting.....but I too couldn't get past the germ factor. My kiddo would really love this tho :)