Explore! Rescue! Protect! How YOU Can Meet Captain Barnacles!

IOWA -- WISCONSIN -- MICHIGAN!! You're up! (Followed by the rest of the nation!!) Captain Barnacles and his band of heroic Octonauts are coming to a town near you -- LIVE!!

The Octonauts are coming in the U.S!!  Fire up the Gup-E, practice your Octopod driving skills, and prepare for live-action adventure!! Keep reading to learn about VIP Explorer Party tickets -- a special way to experience Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure, Live heading across the midwest RIGHT NOW and likely landing in a town near you!!

The popular Disney Jr. television show characters have made their USA debut and we're STOKED! See your favorite Octonauts characters in a live-action adventure, complete with songs from the show and brand new music for everyone to enjoy. 

Confession: Mom might have been even MORE excited by this than the boys! We've gone to our fair share of kids performances -- the array of quality and actual fun is a big range. We were able to see a preview of the show and it looked FANTASTIC! The video showed vivid color and great costuming! We weren't disappointed when we arrived at the LIVE show!

Tickets are available NOW online, and you can even purchase a special VIP package, which includes a meet and greet party with your favorite characters, photo opportunities, and more! We were among the mainly pint-sized party-goers recently and it was a blast! Balloons and sea-themed activities galore and yes, up close and personal with the Captain himself! If you have kids that are around the 2-5 mark, they will LOVE the performance. The costumes are spot-on -- if they're expecting to see their favorite characters, they will!! We were sad that the whole cast wasn't at the Explorers Party, but it was still really fun! We only had a five minute wait for all the photos we wanted, since we weren't in a huge crowd after the performance at the VIP pass party--for us, that was worth a ton!

Disclosure: We were guests at this performance. All opinions are our own. We legitimately love the Octonauts and had a great time!


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