New Kids Subscription - Brick Loot

I'm pretty addicted to subscription boxes. It's no secret! I just love getting a surprise in the mail each month. I've managed to pass that love along to my oldest son, as he's discovered how fun it is too with Brick Loot!

We've gone through the block/brick chronology in our family. It all started with the giant mega/big blocks for building as a small child. Then came the Duplos. Those were a hit for a while, but there was a short gap of time when Legos were still too frustrating and Duplos were "for babies." That was a rough month! Ha!

Now, we're solidly interested in Lego building in this house. However, as you well know, Lego kits can get expensive! A great way to keep your Lego collection fresh without costing an arm and a leg is by signing up for a subscription club like Brick Loot!

Kids will get some new bricks and some other fun swag as well as activities to keep them busy! This means you don't have to run out to the store, they won't grow tired of what they have as quickly, and you don't have to deal with the "I'm bored" droning. They have fun and are occupied and it's economical!

There are various levels of subscriptions all around $25/month. That won't even buy one set unless you find super clearance sales, don't care what the subject matter is, or get a teeny tiny kit. Plus, you end up in Target and goodness knows that costs much more than $25 --- at least for me it does!

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