When Personal Hygiene is Natural - with Tom's of Maine

Getting the kids to eat well is easy -- I buy the food, so I provide their choices (or lack thereof!) Putting Stonyfield Squeezers in their lunches each day? Easy. Some of the routines that are healthy for them though, I need a little more reminding and help from them!

One day, my beloved son came home REEKING like grandma. Like total old lady perfume. It gagged me and we had to strip off his clothes and shuffle him into the shower. It was seriously SO bad. The worst part wasn't that he wanted to smell nice or that it was AWFUL potent, nose-burning potion -- it was that I didn't want to hurt his feelings OR deter him from wanting to smell good. I simply switched the focus from perfume to being CLEAN!

Toms of Maine also saved my bacon, entering the scene in our toiletries routine just in time! They make Wicked Cool now and it's absolutely kid friendly (and smells fantastic, in a more subtle way than grandma) with all the natural goodness you expect and trust from Toms.

Another crazy thing happened -- he started using REAL toothpaste! I was so happy to kick the sparkle blue "toothpaste" to the curb! Who KNOWS what those sparkles are? Ish! Plus, anything that tastes like that can't possibly clean your mouth. Maybe it does. BUT...I'm much more at ease each night (especially with our track record at the dentist) when I know we've brushed with ingredients like baking soda and naturally occurring elements!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by a partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. Some type of compensation was received.


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