Christmas decor clutter got you down? [discount code]

If you're like [my husband -- not me] you can't stand Christmas and holiday decor clutter. He is irritated by my FOUR totes of Christmas decor. The balls of lights from the tree and the outdoor scenes (think Christmas Vacation...the scene with Rusty carrying a 50 lb. ball of lights...) I thought I did well to jam everything into four labeled totes. Apparently, that was not what he envisioned when he said he would love to see the Christmas clutter disappear!

Sound familiar? I LOVE the holidays. So when I found out about Crab Pot Christmas trees and how compact and self-contained they are, I knew it was for us. I also like that they are very reminiscent of our time in Alaska (though they are actually from North Carolina.) They lay flat, are fully lighted, and are a pretty cool use of gear.

Check them out in this quick video:

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*Disclosure: I wrote this post in a partnership with US Family Guides and Crab Pot Trees. 


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