Door County Coffee and Tea Co. - Your Holiday Shopping Just Got Easier

Coffee -- it's what makes the world go 'round. At least my world. My first taste of coffee was had the way every first should be experienced -- it was perfect. Epic. Fairytale trimmings.

I sipped my first cup of coffee in January, in Costa Rica, in the tasting room of Tilawa Coffee Company. It was surprisingly sweet.

Until that time, I'd only known Folgers. No wonder I didn't like the stuff!

In the years since, I've come to enjoy a good (emphasize GOOD) cup of coffee. I like small batch, small business, and fresh. Good beans. Sustainable practices. Fair trade is fantastic, but not a deal breaker. Pretty packaging, as stupid as that is, does matter. In a pinch, I'd rather have Cameron's from the local grocery store than a Keurig cup anyday.

This holiday season, knowing my love of some seriously sippable joe, I have decided to share with you all one of my favorite small town (with big flavor) coffee companies in hopes you'll enjoy it as much as I do, and perhaps add it to
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Door County Coffee and Tea Co. 
your holiday shopping list to spread the love across the land.

The company is Door County Coffee and Tea and the jury is still out on my absolute favorite flavor. I can tell you though, you cannot go wrong with Black and Tan, Costa Rican, Lighthouse Blend, Espresso, Sunrise in Door County, Guatemalan or Private Blend.

The line of flavored coffee is insane. For a smaller business in a super rural Wisconsin town, this company has an immense array of flavors and varieties. My mother-in-law, for instance, would probably go nuts for the Hawaiian Hazelnut kind, and she just may get it for her birthday or Christmas! There are five flavors that are limited time, special Christmas edition flavors -- including Door County Christmas!

I on the other hand, am a purist and I need my coffee black and strong -- I do like hints of sweet tones like chocolate or fruits and usually low acidity.

Is tea more your bag? (Get it?) Well, they have a ton of tea too! I'm pretty solidly in the Earl Grey encampment with tea -- I sure am stubborn in my ways, eh? If you happen to have a more open
minded outlook on what goes in your cup (and a more open palate) you'll find a respectable selection of loose leaf and otherwise, from Blueberry to tea that can get you some more Zzzz's.

We can't leave out Santa and the kids either -- gourmet cocoa is another option for those looking for a low-octane beverage with plenty of flavor but not quite the punch!

Use code: DCCHRISTMAS to save 30% on your order!

If there's one thing that is going to please the masses during the holiday family gatherings, toy opening, and late-night cookie nibbling, it's coffee. Make someones morning, which will make their day, and gift the taste of coffee this holiday season!

Disclosure: Consideration was provided by brands mentioned in this article. All opinions are my own.


  1. I loooooooooooove coffee! I started drinking coffee in high school. Now that I am a stay at home mom, I drink more than ever.

    I hoped on to the DC website, and boy do they have a lot of variety. I was thinking, there is no way they have candy cane coffee, but they did! I would totally give that a try.

  2. Mmmmm! You're making me crave coffee and it's almost 9pm! I'm with you- I like dark, black, hot coffee. However, I am interested in trying their Chocolate Meltdown coffee. My husband would love their Candy Cane Coffee. I love that they make it easy with the full pot bags. We have tried pod coffee makers, but prefer the control we have with the amount of water we put in drip brewers.

  3. I like coffee. I am a creamer freak so would like thier plain old coffee Private Blend. It sounds delicious.

  4. Oh I love coffee! I would love to try their Lighthouse Blend! I have not tried their coffee before....but really need to!

  5. Candy cane coffee sounds interesting. I think I might like it

  6. I am a tea drinker, too and would love to try their Door County Orange & Spice Loose Leaf Tea and Door Country Blend Loose Leaf Tea.

  7. I love coffee. I would like thier expresso. It sounds delicious.

  8. There coffee sounds delicious. I like how they also offer teas too. There is so much variety. I think the expresso would be great.