Gilmore Girls Netflix Revival !!! SPOILER ALERT !!! 16 Things

After the agony of trying to binge-watch over a holiday weekend, sharing one Netflix account with my husband (and in doing so, having to wait patiently) I've made it through a year in the life. If you're reading this, I hope you've made it through all four seasons as well. Cuz if not, you're about to get the "gist" of it all in the next paragraphs.

No matter what was flubbed, what I adored, and whatever else I have to say about anything Gilmore Girls related, the revival was way better than I expected and all it did was leave me wanting more!! You hear me, Netflix? MORE!

Here are some of my thoughts, I'd LOVE to hear yours too! Feel free to disagree, agree, add-on, or whatever else you might want. All opinions are welcome here as long as they are Gilmore Girls related and somewhat family-friendly. 

1. HATE Logan and Rory's relationship in this, BUT I'm still in love with Mr. Huntzberger.

2. LOVE the return of the life and death brigade.

3. I'm sorry, but the Stars Hollow Musical overstayed its welcome. It was almost like Seth Macfarlane paired up with the Palladinos for that chunk.

4. Kirk and Petal. Yes. Just yes!

5. The Wild thing - so overdone. I'm sure in the making of the revival they didn't realize how thru hiking would be the new thing to do -- or maybe they did? But we're all sick of hearing about the long haul hikes. This was also an area that I thought drug out far too long.

6. The "park ranger" in the US Forest Service uniform. Oops. And, neither agency stands there to patrol and permit-check.

7. Lastly on the PCT bit -- the hills of LA and the surrounding area do not equate to the start of the PCT.

8. Emily telling the DAR to take a flying leap was THE BEST. I honestly thought for a bit that she was having a stroke in the "Fall" episode and that they might kill her character off too... Though you do not interview in or marry in to the DAR--it just doesn't work like that--I found her leaving them so satisfying.

9. Poor Paul. Though it was funny at first -- he could have been written out entirely and it wouldn't have made a bit of difference in the revival.

10. Jess could have had a bigger part, but they left it wide open for that to rekindle, should an additional Year in the Life be added to Netflix!

11. I really wanted to see Odette.

12. I love that Luke and Lorelai eloped last minute. To have had a wedding with a handful of minutes left in the last installment would have been too quick, too forced.

13. Awesome that Luke just happened to know Keifer Sutherland all those years.

14. Rory not having "roots" and being a traveler was lovely. I wish they'd gone past three chapters in her new book though and ended with her last chapter being tied in with being pregnant.

15. All is right in the world after I got my Netflix binge out of the way. For all the flaws and the perfectly perfect moments, I'm left wishing Stars Hollow were a real place I could go to vacation. I want to have bottomless coffee at Luke's and sit in on a town meeting. The festivals -- I'd bid on a basket in a heartbeat!

16. Lastly... I cannot be left not knowing what Rory and (probably) Logan's baby would look like. Adorable!

What did YOU think of the four-part revival? Did you sit down and watch it in a single night? Did you throw a Gilmore Girls party with friends? Did you cry? Laugh? Want to "do" Wild?


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