Oats for All! Ways to Incorporate Oats in Everyday Choices Like a Ninja

I'm not going to try to kid anyone. I'd rather eat Kit-Kats and Oreos with a side of Chocolate Fudge Lava Cake than brocolli or eggplant or even bananas 'til the cows come home. In fact, in the last five or so years, my diet has included lots of sugar. However, in light of all sorts of health problems looming, that could be a future of doctor visits and a life shortened for no real good reason, I've been trying slow reform. It's not that I don't WANT to be healthy. I have a sugar addiction. My husband hid some Twix from me the other night and after seeing two gold wrappers hanging from my jeans pockets, he said: "You're like an alcoholic! I can't hide it from you. You find it."

Sad but true. So what have I done to start the process? Well, first off, I've been trying to stave off cravings with drinking more water. And moving more. After that, tackling my food demons comes next. When I can't eat something 100% fresh (like the carrots from our garden or at least the 90 pints of carrots canned from the garden), then I try to go with the next best thing. Here are some ideas if you're in the same sugar-laden rut as I found myself slipping into this year.

Share more ideas in the comments if you have super ninja ways to incorporate foods that are GOOD for you into everyday choices!

Cholesterol being a reasonable concern for me because of genetic predisposition and my love of all things fatty, fried and generally bad for your heart, I've been trying to combat the sticky culprit with more oats. And, since I'm working hard to get the good stuff IN to my diet, why settle for sub-par products even if they're better than Taco Bell?

I go for the stuff like Bob's Red Mill -- they have GOOD in the heart of their slogan and mission. I've been trying to sneak more oats into things like lasagna, muffins, and even on top of my Stonyfield Grass Fed yogurt in the morning.

The small crumbles of Steel Cut oats are good for more than just oatmeal -- since they are teeny they are easily combined with other food preps. I just found recently that I can add them to trail mix and I really don't notice much when I grab a handful! (They do tend to fall to the bottom corners of the baggie, so you have to shake it up. But, I think it would make great granola bars too!

Disclosure: Consideration was provided by brands mentioned. All opinions are my own.


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