Do You Have Little Conductors? Buy THIS!

We have a house full of boys. Something at the very primal, DNA-level of boys generally guarantees a "train phase" at some point during childhood, I'm convinced. There was no exception in our home, both boys have the train gene. (Sheldon Cooper a la Big Bang Theory, anyone!?) Even as a toddler our oldest thought Mt. Rushmore with its epic stone faces was Thomas the Train. The video, below, brought to you by Whittle Shortline Railroad company is too true!

In fact, they were mesmerized by this short video! Oh the things that bring joy to kids!?

If you've raised a train enthusiast, then you might know the frustration of having several different pieces of sets and none that really jibe well together. The great thing (and our favorite feature of Whittle Shortline's cars) is that they are pretty universal! They match up to most other train sets including our Chugginton and Thomas magnetic cars and they are reported to match up with Lionel sets too -- though we've not invested that kind of cash into the train phase in this home.

We selected a CN railroad five-car set -- it was guaranteed to come with an engine and caboose that were CN branded and then it was a little like a grab bag for the three random cars. We got a Burlington Northern car (which was exciting because we have rails that showcase BOTH CN and BNSF cars near our home. The detail made them look like shrunken versions of the real thing. Our sons were both impressed with the little cars. The older kiddo, who had been "over" trains recently in favor of Monster Trucks was just as interested as our toddler when we revealed what was in the cute little box. The cars come individually wrapped in plastic and packed in a cardboard fitted box. The trains have been made by the same family for 20 years! I love that home-town feel to the company.

You can find sets like this one on the Whittle Shortline website and a five-car mixed set retails for $69.95.

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  1. These look like great little trains! We love universal trains as we have a basic wood Brio setup. Our three year old daughter has been a HUGE train fan for the last year and I know she'd absolutely love these!

  2. This is a nice set. The price isnt bad, and would satisfy even the adult who helps set it up! My nephew would have aa ball with it, his Dad is a train collector.