Making Saving for Travel A Little Easier with Groupon Coupons

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It probably does not come a s a big surprise to you that we are ALWAYS trying to cut corners and save money so that we might have a few extra dollars to put toward all of our roaming. Well, what I've found lately is by saving small (or big -- even better) on my day-to-day purchasing I am able to really sock it away for fun stuff.

The snippet above was simply taken from page one of MANY pages of the Groupon coupon site! You can search by store, so it makes the task really easy. Certainly I take advantages of in-store savings cards (not credit cards, just club cards) and I have the Target Cartwheel app on my phone. But did you know that Groupon can help you further, with coupons for Target too? Many of these offers can be accessed with your phone or printed and then used WITH other discounts (again I'll use Target) -- combine Groupon coupons with a Cartwheel offer AND your 5% Redcard discount? Well, you're checking out with some deep savings, my friend! 

Right now, even Saks Fifth Avenue has 42 coupons to save on the high end splurges you might be interested in! In case you missed it -- there are plenty of actual travel-related booking sites with coupons too. So, not only am I saving with 10-40% off coupons on many random day-to-day purchases, socking away those extra pennies and dollars, I can also save when I go to book a trip! CheapOAir and Priceline are just a two of the sites you can usually find on Groupon. In fact, just by signing up for CheapOAir email newsletters you can cash in on $20 when you book a flight! All of these seemingly small savings really add up big and lead to things like going to Disney World for spring break (and staying at the Grand Floridian) and even small allowances for things like the upcharge to hold an alligator or an extra ice cream bar during a particularly sunny day! Groupon gets the job done folks -- it's so easy to save every time you shop. Almost any store you patronize you will find can be the key to saving money for the best moments in life by simply saving on the things you buy regularly. 

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