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Cows helping Penguins... It must be World Penguin Day and Stonyfield is in on it!

Exciting news! Stonyfield YoKids is sponsoring the AZA SAFE (Saving Animals from Extinction) program; together on a mission to help save endangered species. As part of a year-long effort,  Stonyfield will not only be contributing funds to field work but aiming to drive kids and their families to see animals and conservation projects first hand at zoos, aquariums, and on the ground where the research is happening.

Stonyfield is supporting The Association of Zoos and Aquariums SAFE program to educate families and help save animals from extinction. 

Now when you buy two specially marked YoKids multipacks you can get a FREE kid’s ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket to a participating AZA Zoo or Aquarium and meet endangered animals (including penguins) face-to-face. 

Offer valid till 9/30/17. Other restrictions apply, visit to learn more.

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Stonyfield Organics and AZA. 

The Kitchen Gear That Proves Adulthood (What Mom Really Wants as a Gift)

When you're twenty-something, you don't usually dream of fine dishes, extra time to stretch in the morning, or a night serum. This all changes when thirty hits. Maybe not immediately, but in your thirties, you'll realize a few divine secrets of adulthood, as Gretchen Rubin terms them.

The Secret to Great Cooking

Here's one you know if you're a thirty something person or a foodie or groupie of the Julia Childs fan club..."Good food is made possible by using good cook ware." It's true. I must have spent a few years in college eating Teflon seasoned grilled cheese and I remember clearly macaroni and cheese with black flecks in it when I hadn't used pepper!

Even back then, I was vaguely aware that real adults didn't eat stuff like this. My mom had never served me food garnished this way. But on the list of things that I cared about at the time, my crappy pots and pans which I'd abused with metal utensils and scraped free week-old messes, cookware did not rate high on the list. 

Now that I have a family to feed and depending on genetics and fate could well be at my mid-life point, though I like to think I'm not there yet, I have different priorities. I'm sure you do too.

Advice from a World-Class Chef

While traveling in Florida, we had a rare luxury--an upscale dining establishment right on our resort property, which we'd been invited to check out as a family. I was writing about the resort for a national outlet and as such was invited to chat with the chef after we settled into our open-air seating. She told us what menu items she recommended and where some of the foods were sourced (locally.) She offered a tip as well, and to pare it down to the simplest terms: "good food is created using good tools." Chefs generally have access to some of the bells and whistles which you might not find in a household kitchen, sure. They have wide expanses to prepare and plate. They might have the coveted stainless steel sinks and counters and other kitchen amenities you'd flip for. However, bringing gourmet to your own table doesn't have to be a dream.

Pampered Chef Blues

I first found anodized aluminum and learned to love it when I was a consultant for Pampered Chef. I did truly feel like I was using some higher caliber cookware when I got my consultant kit, which included a good-sized hard anodized aluminum executive chef pan. Shiny new adulting toys! I would painstakingly put a flannel cloth between my pans as to not scratch them up in storage. My family was instructed that they were not to even glance at my new pans while holding a metal utensil.

However, I also found that to earn my "free" expensive executive fry pans, I was actually ordering a ton of other kitchen gadgets I "needed" and thrusting my new "business" on my family and friends. I didn't like me in that capacity. So I stopped. No longer a consultant, I simply couldn't justify the prices for things I'd lived without for so long. (Egg slicer? I can actually do it by hand, thanks!)

The Best Quality Cookware for an Affordable Price

Then, I found Revere pots and pans (again.) When I moved in with my fiance, his father had passed down some awesome (I mean awesome) stainless steel pots. They were rad. No more furry textured peeling, scratched Teflon to eat in my food. The copper bottoms were pretty but I really only noted them because I'd never seen bottoms of pots look like that. We also used a lot of cast iron at that time, in the pan department. It's worth noting we STILL have those Revere pots with the copper bottoms in perfect condition, NINE YEARS and 9,855 meals later!

After the longevity of my pots which still reside in my cupboard and grace my stovetop impressed me so, I decided to look to the World Kitchen umbrella of brands for our replacement pots and pans.

Revere® Clean Pan™ 10-pc Hard Anodized Aluminum Non-stick Cookware Set

This set retails for $199.99 -- and is 10 pieces! I love this option because it's the same great quality as what I first discovered with Pampered Chef, but with a manageable price tag for the everyday chef too! We've been enjoying our new pots and pans for a little over a month now. The large stock pot (6.5 quarts) is an especially surprising component I didn't know we needed until we started using it! We have a slightly smaller one (5 quarts) and having two is fantastic for chili night (chili in one pot, corn in the other) or for boiling crab, brats, really anything! Pasta galore! We had run into a handful of times when two stock pots would be nice and now we have that luxury.

Another great feature I didn't know I'd need until I had it is the elevated, ergonomic handles. The pots and pans both have handles which not only connect and nest but also are a few degrees higher than older standards and feel SO fantastic when you need to flip an egg or pour off water. I won't be able to happily go back to the "straight" handle! The interlocking handles elevate the pans to add a bit of safe space between the bottom of one and the bowl of the other -- for me, the neurotic perfectionist, this means I don't have to spend 25 minutes and half of my wash clothes lining each pan and placing them "just so" and ever so gently into my cupboards! Win!

I really like the angle and shape of the body of the pans too. They are slightly more well bowl shaped for better pouring and less "egg-overboard" accidents!

Still Going Strong!

We've tried meats, seafood, eggs, pancakes... pretty much all of our staples and have had great results with the pans and cook pots. As a stay-at-home-mom I spend SO much of my time cooking and cleaning up after cooking that I love having quality cookware. Revere has raised the bar and met my expectations again and really, being mom (or dad) in the kitchen, you deserve the best tools for the job, just like a carpenter and the coveted titanium hammer! (Or so I've heard!)

There are plenty of occasions to spoil mom with something she really wants -- Mother's Day gifts, Christmas shopping, birthdays... Or just a little gift from you to you! This is such a practical, long-lasting non-stick set, I don't know how we ever cooked with lesser tools! Cooking is enjoyable again when you start out on the right track with quality tools.

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary set of Revere cookware for the purposes of this article. As always, my opinions are my own.