Le Tote - A Fashion Rental Service You MUST Try!

Disclosure: I was able to experience Le Tote on a complimentary basis in order to get the scoop on what to expect. 

Maybe you've heard of it. Maybe you haven't. Maybe you are like I was...you "don't care enough about fashion to check out a rental company or a stylist prepared subscription." Yeah, I used to LIVE in t-shirts and jeans. If the weather was hot, I'd really switch things up and put on a plain tank and shorts. Add a few sweatshirts and you have my full repertoire of fashion options. 

Enter Le Tote

It all started with my friend Rachel who I saw on a video wearing a gorgeous dress. She must have been getting a TON of compliments on the dress because the video was education-related and even featured her adorable twins. But, what did everyone notice? The dress. So, after what I'm sure was an exhausting day telling everyone where her dress was from, she put out a disclaimer: "Meanwhile, the dress is from Le Tote." 

I'd maybe heard of the service from a Facebook ad or in passing elsewhere, but I fell in love with the dress and thus HAD to check our Le Tote. Of course, like many clubs and sites, you can't access all the fun until you are a member. So, I found myself "customizing" my first tote as a new member shortly after the initial interest.

Before we go too much further, I have promotional discounts for $25 off your first tote (using this link) which means savings for you and a little Le Tote love for me which is always appreciated! If you do try it, let me know how you like it!

My Profile and My Closet 

I've actually filled out a profile or two for fashion sites on a whim. Wanting to know what it's all about when a friend posts a picture of her new blazer. I must say, the profile wasn't terribly different with Le Tote, but I did actually take my measurements this time. I'm glad I did. 

Fun Fact: Le Tote stylists measure each garment, so you get the best fit!

After filling out some generic questions about my style and my climate, etc. I moved on to clicking hearts in the upper righthand corner of the items in collections which I liked. These would become the pieces in my closet. 

I LOVE that you get a text message and an email when your tote is ready to be customized or confirmed. It takes roughly two hours I've found from the time you drop off a tote at the Post Office to send back to Le Tote until a new tote is ready for customizing. The above is what I was sent to confirm for my very first tote. I swapped three of the pieces for others in my closet.

Fun Fact: If you wait each hour to check your closet, items are checked in and may become available to you if you're patient!

I also really enjoy the ease with which you can purchase items in your tote. I have purchased four items in the last two months. I've also been savvy and checked around the web for "better prices" -- they typically aren't out there! A lot of the styles you will find in Nordstrom but the prices are right around $10-20 more elsewhere than with your Le Tote member discounted price. The other factor is that many of the garments cannot be found elsewhere. I've looked. Le Tote gives you a truly unique fashion experience.

The pink box comes via USPS and takes three days on average. So, if you submit your confirmation of a customized tote on a Monday or Tuesday, you should get it by Saturday. If it's a Wednesday or Thursday, it's likely to take until the following Monday. [Believe me, it's the hardest wait if you land on the Sunday (no mail) day!]

Inside the Le Tote box will be (all of your selections, obviously) but also a clear bubble envelope with your jewelry on cards and a white return envelope. With these important items is also a small flyer that shows you the cost of your entire tote if you love it all and the individual item specifics. 

Fun Fact: You don't need to do laundry! (If that is something you just cannot handle the thought of, you CAN do laundry if you wish!) But, I personally love that I can wear everything when it arrives and send it back when I'm done. So easy! I've not had any items in two months arrive smelly, stained or gross.

A few things -- click on each garment to see the "Best Fit" stylist tips -- they have been spot on for me. If it says "might be tight in the bust" you can count on it -- at least I can. So consider the tip a good one! 

Make sure you don't lose the contents of your box -- you'll need it for shipping the items back! 

You can keep things as long as you want, you'll just continue to be charged your monthly membership fee. However, when you send back your tote, if all items are not inside, it will be assumed you couldn't part with them and you'll be charged. Brightside? You're the proud new owner of something new and cute! 

You can't just keep one item longer, return the rest, and wait until your next tote to return your super fun find. Sorry. Would be cool, but nope. Either buy it or bag it! 

This is just a little primer to get you introduced to Le Tote. I'm positively addicted. It's especially fun since I'm in a rural area and we cannot just slip down to Lord & Taylor or even Target for that matter. Sure, there's Amazon and other online shopping -- but they aren't looking out for me, measuring my blouses, now are they?! 

Seriously folks -- it's so fun. It's like a grab bag and trick-or-treating rolled into one and I cannot get enough. 

Disclosure: I was able to experience Le Tote on a complimentary basis in order to get the scoop on what to expect. 

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