Saving Money (REAL Money) with this new app -- so EASY!

Everyone seems to like saving money. Weird, right? Well, I'm too impatient and disorganized for mileage and points and credit card offers. I'd end up in the hole with fees or I'd lose track of points. It's just not for me. Couponing is hard when you do not get newspaper subscriptions OR you are so rural the stores you can choose from don't allow "doubling" and rarely have the deals advertised. One new app has changed the way I'm able to save REAL money -- not points, no coupons...just money.

That app is DOSH.

DOSH is new to the industry but is growing quickly. The app is still evolving to become more user friendly and simple, but download it now to see if you like it! I implore you -- it's SO easy. You simply load your cards (which you probably use daily) and then see what offers are available to you. Use the cards for your purchases and watch as your DOSH wallet instantly grows.

If you'd like to give me a little love, USE THIS LINK when you sign up, so I might receive a little kickback for telling you about the app. :) 

Easy Peasy DOSH Wallet

What's Awesome: When you buy something with your stored card in the DOSH app at merchants like restaurants, stores, and airlines that offer deals through Dosh, you get an automatic cash back rebate. Pretty much INSTANT! And, unlike some incentive programs, you can "cash out" your wallet at just $15.00. You can also donate to your favorite charity right in the app!

If you're a traveler especially, this app is for YOU. Hotel stays can be $100 or so in cash back! That means more money for more travel. Win. Win. Win. I hope you will join me in trying this app and saving some basically free money. It's out there for the taking!

Disclosure: I'm a DOSH influencer, so spreading the word about this app (which I'm still getting to know but loving in the process) is a partnership. All opinions are my own. 


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