Planning a Year of Savings with the DOSH App

Planning with the DOSH App for the New Year 

When it comes to cash back I don't do coupons and clipping and Sunday papers. I like being able to save where I'm already cashing in on points with cards I'm already using. I also like having goals in mind with my savings -- as an incentive to keep earning. So, 'tis the season for saving as we ring in the new year! Here are a few places where you probably already spend money (likely with your reward cards) where you can get mega cash back.

Kate Spade – 5.2% Cash Back
Hobby Lobby – 3% Cash Back
National Geographic Online Store – 6% Cash Back
Bed Bath & Beyond – 7.5% Cash Back
Merrell – 5.2% Cash Back
Sephora – 3.8% Cash Back
Big Lots – 3% Cash Back
Zoobooks Magazine – Up to 26.2% Cash Back
Target – 1.5% Cash Back
Walmart – 3% Cash Back
Shop Disney – 2.2% Cash Back Max

A Year of Saving Money with DOSH 

Now, imagine if you will, putting a plan in motion which will be easier to stick with than a new Pilates routine or a juicing diet. Just write down some of the places where you always spend money and turn that money spent into cash back by using the DOSH app for those purchases. Think of how a YEAR of 2%-25% back could add up on everyday purchases! That's a resolution worth making!

I know I've spent half of 2017 talking about saving serious $$$ with the DOSH app. And I plan to continue trying to share this awesome cash back app with you in 2018. So have you signed up? I sure hope so! I'd love to know about the ways you've used the app in your everyday life and spending to maximize your savings. Tell me you plan for the new year and what you're saving up for!

Disclosure: I received compensation from DOSH for creating the content in this post. All opinions are my own!


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