Maximizing Rebate and Cash Back Apps Like Dosh for Everyday Shopping

Spring into action! Did you know you could be doubling your apps for savings on food, travel, gas, and more--all the stuff in life that sucks up your income?! You can!

I have to admit, it was hard for me to make the switch from scissors and pouring over newspapers and ads to downloading and learning the ins and outs of apps. Places you regularly spend money -- super centers, wholesale stores, even your favorite restaurants and hotels are places where savings are hiding, waiting for you to find it! This is also true for only using your go-to savings app. I want you to know you could be maxing out your savings potential by simply casting a broader net!

 Here are some of my favorite apps and some savvy ways to serve as examples of how to double your savings apps to get the most money back!

Dosh – Dosh is quite unique compared with other rebate apps, and it suits me well! It's mostly effortless, though I will say I see the perks more in the metro areas when traveling than in rural and backroad situations. You get $5 just for signing up, plus an additional $2 per card you link! Dosh then keeps track of your purchases for you and gives you money back on any qualifying purchases. Dosh also runs seasonal and nearly monthly promotions featuring referrals and cash back bonuses which make it a lucrative app indeed. Below, a neat spring bonus offer garnered folks some extra cash.

Honey - When shopping online, I almost always use my Honey extension from Google Chrome. It's still a little wonky -- for instance, it only works for me when I'm on my laptop, not mobile or on my iPad. So, if I know I can probably get an online promo code for shipping or other discounts, I'll try to checkout via laptop for certain sites.

Ebates – Ebates is a well-known rebate app but certainly not my favorite. For some reason, it's not intuitive for me. Like many apps for new users, you can get $10 when start. The $25 bonus for referring a friend is nice, but be sure to read if the friend needs to make some action for you to collect, as is often the case.

Ibotta – Oh, Ibotta. This app was one a friend suggested and at the time I was still kickin' it old school on my flip phone, so I didn't pay much attention. In fact, I don't even remember signing up. I didn't even save A SINGLE CENT in my first year. Which made it embarrassing when the kind folks at Ibotta wanted to celebrate:

Yes, I was a rising star, it would seem. This still makes me chuckle. Once I started utilizing my iPad and iPhone, I was a lot more interested in Ibotta. It pairs nicely with Target, if you happen to sport the red bullseye bags often.

You can earn a bunch of "free" money just with sign ups, as you're probably realizing. However, make sure you keep track of any required minimums for cashing out your millions. Make sure to max them out and cash them out so they don't just sit there, near but not at your minimum levels.

Maxing Out at Walmart and Target

As much as I love Amazon for online and the local farmers market for produce, Let’s break down which apps partner with these stores plus additional ways you can save as well!

Walmart partner apps 

Dosh – 3% back (or more if there is a promotion!)
Ebates – up to 10% back
Ibotta – Savings throughout the store, could be hundreds depending on what you buy and how much!

Target partner apps

Ebates – 1% back
Ibotta – Again, save up to hundreds on brands throughout the store
Typically, I've found at Target you save more with your Target Red Card, offering 5% on everything.
Target also allows you to use double coupons. So, in this way, you might save more by going slightly more old school!

Even better (and even bigger) savings can be found when you look at the vacation side of rebate apps and discount sites! This is definitely what gets me the most excited too because who doesn’t love a good vacation? So let’s look at some the best savings available right now:

Dosh also offers $25 off your first hotel rental plus discounted trips, so if you just need to get away from it all, make sure to use my favorite app to save big!

Disclosure: This is a post made possible as a DOSH Insider and I did receive compensation for sharing my tips with you.


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